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Wheeled Blowers
The power of hurricane-force winds yet easy on the ears. The "Q" stands for quiet, because our QB blowers have had the industry's lowest noise levels for the last ten years. They're loaded with professional features like our exclusive 14-blade fan that eliminates the tiresome "gyro" effect, a proprietary curved radius housing that reduces air turbulence and provides unparalleled strength, and shock isolation mounts to reduce vibration. We challenge you to find any blower with as much value or better weight-to-performance ratio than the one and only Quiet Blow® !


The Choice of Professionals, rental dealers, and home owners
Billy Goat set the standard in 1988 for low noise, high performance, and low vibration with the QB of wheeled blowers. The new QB blowers feature a revolutionary exhaust design that concentrates and controls hurricane-force airflow into a tight pattern up to 180 MPH!, offering superior control and performance. An ergonomically designed lever allows the operator to control the direction of the entire airstream and direct it exactly where it is needed, adjusting the gust right from the handle.

This is the FORCE - The World’s Most Powerful Wheel Blower

This is the one everyone’s been talking about. The patent pending FORCE by Billy Goat offers the best of both worlds – unmatched blowing power and the lightest weight of any leading blower.

As improvements to backpack blowers narrowed the performance gap to their wheeled cousins, manufacturers of wheel blowers did little to improve performance and operation of their products. That’s all now changed.

Conceived through market research and hours of exhaustive computer optimization, the FORCE blower represents a truly revolutionary design. Steel had to go—it is too heavy. Plastic is in—it’s light and it’s plenty durable.

The FORCE weighs up to 17 pounds less than comparably powered steel competitors, it remains the quietest wheel blower, and it is tuned to produce unmatched blowing power (see Product Showcase). What more could you ask for?

Billy Goat has successfully made the wheel blower once again an indispensable tool for the landscape contractor and large property owner. So quit gawking and check out the FORCE at a Billy Goat dealer near you today!



Force Blower
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